Grand Theft Auto IV


Some shots of Niko Bellic commissioned by Rockstar last year.

It was a cool idea, they were going to make a special sculpt as a gift for some of the team members and were looking for ideas. This first one was an homage to Mike Zecc.

This second one I thought I’d be a bit more brutal.

The concept was that the viewer is the boss who hired Niko Bellic to scare this guy, and now Niko was waiting to decide whether you were going to give the kill signal or be merciful.

Obviously Niko couldn’t care either way, and has so little respect for his victim that he’s standing with both feet planted on the guy.

Note the CEO is also begging the viewer, horrified by his badly broken thumb. I tried to make him look like your typical white collar criminal, and, appropriately, he ended up looking like Ken Lay…

Hey, while I’m here I’d like to thank everybody I met at Bill Geradts’ ARMAGEDDON these past two weekends.

We had a great time in Wellington and Christchurch, and I hope that all of you who presented drawings to me at the show will please stay in touch.