A very OLD sketch :)

This is a favorite of mine, as proved by the fact that I really do not have much artwork from my young days. For those of you brilliant people who were among the early adapters to Roleplaying Games, the reminiscence that follows below won’t seem overly geeky.

I drew this when I was 16 years old.

The character was from my friend Dean’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign. While playing a previous game session, my character had made a huge score inside a dungeon and took his share of the loot to design this suit of custom armor. 🙂

It was awesome. The character was a straight Fighter, so I designed the suit to cast some support spells. 🙂 (Wow! I am so geeking the hell out right now!)

Anyway, the support spells were built into the armor. There were five gems adorning it (those round areas with the Katagana on the gauntlets, belt, chest and helmet.) Each gem cast an attack spell when saying a command word.

For those of you ubergenre classicists, you’ll be able to recognize EXACTLY what piece of cult movie history those particular Japanese letters are taken from. The big hint is on the upper-arm plates.

Yes, the character under all that armor was based on a certain role played by the great Peter Weller from a movie in the mid-80’s that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED.

I decided that this character’s ability to dimensionally travel (oh no, I’m not saying his name. You brilliant people can take these clues to google and figure it out. 🙂 sent him hurtling through a rift and into the fabled lands of Greyhawk. Which is where Dean’s campaign was based.

To celebrate this new level of power, this drawing was made. That little portrait box on the character sheet just didn’t cut it!