Not Kyuzo… Please, not him…

From the upcoming SWORD OF LIES #3

Maya, having lost so many of her friends and loved ones to war, now watches as the Konstantinov’s remaining surgeons (many have been killed since the Mutiny began back in Nokgorka) fight to save Kyuzo from his wounds sustained during his epic battle against the Zero operative.


Roza with Field Glasses

This is Roza, the Summoner we met in Sword of Lies #2. She’s part of a reconnaissance unit that drives an armored car that they’ve affectionately named ‘The Boar’.

Roza was a privileged daughter of the Aristocracy, but left that world behind for the sacrifice and toil of life as a revolutionary, fighting for the rights of the people.

Sketch Blog!

The Red Star is, for the most part, a series of sketches done separately and composited together into pages. The page layouts are planned beforehand, but changes do happen. Certain drawings work out more nicely than I’d imagined, and others prove impossible.

This closeup of Makita was first published in PRISON OF SOULS (Book III of The Red Star) and the actual drawing is about 8 inches in height.